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WANTED: Top Notch Speakers for TPIC 2015

Do you have a learning, insight, or technology tip to share? Proposals are now being accepted to present at THE Performance Improvement Conference 2015 taking place at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio on the Riverwalk, in San Antonio, Texas, April 24-April...

Principles and Practices of Performance Improvement Institute

Principles and Practices of Performance Improvement Institute is the premier learning event for professionals ready to acquire the performance consulting mindset required for success in the PI field. Workplace examples and analyses of case studies...

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  • LeRoy Hill

    Approaches used to teach Performance Improvemen...

    Posted in: Online Instructor...

    Hi all, I am excited about the prospects afforded to me in this forum. I would like to design a workshop to address some PI themes and wanted to find out what models and approaches you have used that were effective. I am thinking a scenario problem-based...

  • Bill A. Stetar, CPT

    RE: Opportunity for grad student internship in technical-training...

    Posted in: Open Forum

    The work would have to be done here at our North American HQ location. The person would have to team up with our SMEs and they are located here. Bill

  • Steven W. Villachica, PhD

    RE: Opportunity for grad student internship in technical-training...

    Posted in: Open Forum

    The master's students in our OPWL program at Boise State may be interested in this opportunity. Would they be able to work virtually? Thanks!

  • Raman K. Attri

    Research Study: Training Strategies to Accelerate...

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Inviting ISPI Training Experts and Thought Leaders with experience in Accelerating Time-to-Expertise of Technical Professionals My name is Raman. I am pleased to be part of ISPI community. I am sharing an invitation to all of you to participate in...

  • Marsha L. Parker

    Research on Competencies for online instructors

    Posted in: Open Forum

    ISPI Community, I recently completed my doctoral degree at Wayne State University. I received a link to my publication and would like to share information on my research. My research focused on the role and competencies of an online instructor....

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