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People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou


Sonia Di Maulo MA, CRP is an award-winning performance improvement professional, author, and founder of Harvest Performance. Sonia helps Leaders and HR Executives impact organizational effectiveness through custom solutions that measure results.

Sonia received Awards of Excellence from the International Society of Performance Improvement in 2003 & 2011 for Outstanding Instructional Interventions - demonstrated improvement at four levels: reaction, learning/confidence, application of skills/knowledge, & impact to organization.

Since 2006, Ms. Di Maulo facilitates & coaches trainers through her Train-the-Trainer programs. Sonia is successful in modeling vital facilitation skills that guarantee learning & inspire change & emergence.

In 2009 she founded Harvest Performance to help leaders cultivate trust & collaboration using the 3+1 feedback model. This model has been adopted by participants in her classes since 2008 to help each other achieve sustained levels of confidence & performance.

In April 2012, Sonia launched her book, The Apple in the Orchard: A story about finding the courage to emerge. The story provides a vision for the new world of work & was endorsed by Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute ManagerĀ® and Great Leaders Grow.

She speaks on the topics of leadership, feedback, evaluation and living systems as models for meaningful connection at work and teaches at Concordia and McGill University in Montreal.

Sonia is grateful to have seen a small part of the world through her work. When she is not travelling, she connects passionately with her family; she exposes exceptional performance, mentors emerging leaders & values continuous learning and growth.

AKA/Common misspellings: Sonia Dimaulo, Sonia Dimalo, Sonia Dima, Sonia apple, Sonia apple orchard


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