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I hold Canadian and UK citizenship. I have been legally employed in Canada, United States and Japan. As a Learning Specialist, I'm experienced in training, management, instructional design, and establishing and maintaining good client relationships. Below is a summary of these strengths. Training ✓ Lead non-local trainer for Train-the-Trainer Institutes across Canada. ✓ Guest lecturer in graduate and undergraduate level courses. ✓ Trained medical writers in writing for eLearning. ✓ Teacher K-12 in Quebec, Ontario, California and Japan. ✓ Trained (one-on-one coaching and at community gatherings) rural communities in California. ✓ Trained new hires in the library sciences, IT and travel industries. Management ✓ Lead instructional designer for classroom based training. ✓ Production manager for eLearning training. ✓ Chair, National Interdisciplinary Graduate Symposium 2011. ✓ Project manager of non-local “train-the-trainer” institutes across Canada. ✓ Manager of community education teams across California. ✓ Team leader of a community education program in rural California. Instructional Design ✓ Over 12 years of experience in designing face-to-face learning. ✓ Systems training expert. ✓ Designed storyboards for eLearning. ✓ Redesigned eLearning for mobile (iPad) learning. ✓ Assisted clients in developing training needs analysis tools. ✓ Designed and implemented a community education program that continued years after my departure. Client Relations ✓ Foster client relationships while managing scope creep as an instructional designer. ✓ Virtual concierge for high net worth clients travelling around the globe. ✓ Awarded “key to the valley” for outstanding community development by building relationships between people, communities, corporations and federal agencies. ✓ Served patrons as an acting reference librarian. ✓ Designed effective online communication between myself, my students and their parents.


Analysis, Evaluation, & Measurement (AEM), Instructional Systems (IS), Management of Organizational Performance (MOP), Organizational Design/Alignment (ODA), Process Improvement (PI), Science & Research (SR)